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Pretty much sure of what will become of her, Daliah decided at a very early stage of her life to pursue a career in music.


Regardless that her voice was always husky and rough, she went straight for becoming a singer - though started with learning the piano first at age 10 when she joined a high school with emphasis on musical education.

Inspired and influenced by Lauryn Hill, Alicia Keys, Fiona Apple or Ella Fitzgerald, her voice and style are showing her passion for blues, jazz and soul, though she would describe her own music as singer&songwriter/ pop music - for people with a penchant for optimistic melancholy and dreamy longing.

During her studies at the formerly known Jazz & Rock School Freiburg (International Music College Freiburg), she began to sing in various bands as a background singer. In 2010 Daliah finally dared to apply for the TV show Unser Star für Oslo. She was picked out of 5000 contestants and could be seen live by millions on German television, performing At Last by Etta James.

Being kicked out in the first round was surely not a setback but more of an encouragement to keep on going.


    Happy and relaxed, the 21-year-old laughs open and heartily:

    "Hey, man, I made it into the top 20!"

     And laughs her contagious laugh again


Finishing her studies and moving to London in 2016 was a challenging but necessary step to find new inspiration.


Still Daliah works with fantastic musicians near her hometown Freiburg im Breisgau, like Matt Woosey, with whom she went on UK tour and is currently recording his new album.

Daliah moved to Berlin in 2020 and is currently working on her debut album about time with a fabulous bunch of musicians she has known for many years, such as Lukas Steinmeyer, Benjamin Berthold, Srinath Berthold, Ralph Küker and many more.


                this record is about sadness and love,  

                    happiness and forgiveness,

                       longing and hope,

                             and most of all:

about time 


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